Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support

Location: Windsor St Sobey's Community Room (upstairs), Windsor and North St, Halifax

The 18 and 17 go down Windsor st.

Time: Every Friday from 10am- 12 noon

Co-hosted Public Health Nursesr; Noelle Deon, Nutritionist; and Sharelyn Stone CD(DONA), Doula
Every week, find find breastfeeding support, weigh your baby, seek nutrition advice, and every other week consult with the Public Health nurse. Additionally, workshops are held often.

Examples of workshop sessions:

Public Health Nurse
Dr Paula MacPherson, Dentist, on Infant Dental Hygiene
Postpartum Fitness with Melissa Millar from Motiva!
Bringing Sexy Back, with Sex Educator Shannon Harding
Lorelei Burgess, Oxford Learning Centre- Early Childhood Literacy
Preventing Flat Head with Heather Miklovich BSc Hons CO(c); Orthotics Department, CDHA
Clinical Psychologist Cheryl Aubie on Dealing With Anxiety about Return to Work
"Happiest baby on the block" soothing techniques with doula Sharelyn Stone
Baby Sign with Leigh Evans
Baby led weaning with Naturopath Jenn Salib-Huber, Pillars of Health
Infant First Aid and CPR with Public Health Nurse Jeannette Combes
Pelvic Floor Health with Physiotherapist Francesca Ambrocichuk
Sun Safety (TBC)

We welcome your suggestions for topics! Email Martha and she will make it happen.
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